My Visit to Florence

During a recent one-day business trip to Florence, I decided to stay in town for an extra day to explore. I’ve heard the town has amazing antiques and antique malls and wanted to discover this information firsthand. I was taken aback by the peaceful serenity of the town from the very moment of arrival. It was a phenomenal, laid-back vibe that us city-dwellers simply don’t experience. Florence was an absolutely thrilling place to visit, though I stayed only a short spell!

My one-day visit to Florence included stops at Carolina Collectibles, where I found an amazing selection of vintage items that warmed my heart. I then visited the Hamilton House Antiques House where the antiques were equally impressive. Thieves Market, while small, had a broad collection of items from various time periods. The store employee was so helpful and answered so many of my questions. I finished the day with a stop at Lizard’s Thicket Restaurant. The name caught my attention and I’m very glad that it did. The fried chicken was some of the best that I’ve ever in my entire life eaten.

The Chamber of Commerce provided me with maps and great information about Florence. I felt so welcomed in town and enjoyed the quaint charm of browsing the beautiful antique stores.


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